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    Bandwidth Prices

    For you guys who bring in your own bandwidth to your facilities, how much do you pay? I've noticed bandwidth up here in Canada is noticeably more expensive than in the US.

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    As much as I know you would like an answer to this question I doubt you will get any true responses. Getting someone to tell you exactly what they're paying for bandwidth is almost impossible.

    If you tell me what kind of commit you are looking to purchase, where you are looking to purchase and from who I can give you some estimates though.
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    The answer to your question is going to vary greatly from city to city and provider to provider. We had price quotes for a t1 a few years ago @ $300 in Grand Rapids, Michigan...but close to $1200 for a t1 45 minutes away in Whitehall, Michigan.

    Its really the loop charges that affect the bandwidth pricing the most and that definitely has to be factored in.

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