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    Platinum Server Management - First Impressions

    Hello everyone.

    I signed up with this very week to have them set up and manage my new dedicated server. What follows is my first impression of PSM.

    I have submitted two tickets so far and they were completed the same day and within two or three hours. To be clear, each ticket was submitted on different days and were completed in a very short time.

    The first ticket was for setting up my new dedicated server and to secure and harden it. I feel that they did an excellent job and they installed many things to help protect my server from the bad guys. They also stayed on top of their communication with me by letting me know what's going on in real time via email. One thing that I'd like to mention that I felt was very nice with their communication was that when they were complete with the server setup work, they not only detailed what was installed and hardened, they also provided some reasons and some advice to help me understand the big picture of what was done and other things for me to consider securing on my server if I choose to do so.

    On a different day, I opened a second ticket requesting that MySQL and PHP be upgraded to the latest stable versions. Once again, in real time, I was updated frequently via email, even if it was just a simple "we're still working on it". This second ticket was completed in a couple hours.

    Another thing I would like to mention about their communication is that they have included advice in their email, but they don't install anything without your consent. So this gives you the opportunity to consider what they suggest, but you'll always have the final say on whether or not you would like them to proceed. In other words, it appears that their policy is to not assume anything and wait for the customer to give them the go ahead. If you do give them the green light, they would be happy to take care of it.

    There is one negative thing regarding their written communication that I wish to mention, but I consider it small in my opinion. Other customers may not think of this as small, however. After they added a welcome message to my SSH login screen, I found three spelling errors. I manually corrected the spelling errors myself. I also found an occasional spelling error in their emails. So if the people behind PSM are reading this, I kindly suggest to please spell check everything first. Once again, I don't consider this a big deal to me, but other customers might get turned off. After all, spelling every word correctly does make a higher impression from a professional standpoint.

    So now I have a very good server setup and its complimented with hardened security. Platinum Server Management has made a very good first impression with me. Although I believe my initial two tickets were routine for them to perform, based on their very good communication and timeliness, I am confident for now that if I do encounter a server problem that is serious in nature later on, they will deliver and execute very well. At least, I hope they will.

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    Thanks very much for your feedback and compliments on our service. We're glad to see posts like this :-) Our customers are our number one priority, and if you or anyone ever has a problem, they can contact me directly by submitting a ticket to the Feedback department anytime and we'll do whatever it takes to resolve the issue asap.

    Please contact me letting me know where you found the spelling errors and I assure you they will be corrected immediately for all future installations.
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    I'm also one of their 1000's of happy customers and know first hand how good their communication is. I've been using their services for over a year and can tell you that their long term service is just as good.
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    I have to agree with Premier. I too am one of thier 1000's of happy customers. There is not another server management company like PSM. Ethan, John and Michelle are the bomb!

    I still dont know why they dont charge double what they do because they sure do earn every penny and then some!

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    Don't give them ideas!
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    We have been with PSM for over 2.5 years and cannot be more happier with their support. They are prompt on support service, and extreemly professional at what they do. Resently we upgraded our dedicated servers and have taken servers offers by their sister company and have been very happy with performace, accessibility, speeds, and support, which has seen our hosting speeds ranking for within our country exceed the big players. PSM thanks you

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    i cant agree more, ive been with psm for quite a while and they offer excellent service, and for the price, nobody comes close to them. 2 thumbs up to psm!

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