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    Question Dedicated server for my project. Please, help to choose

    At present my service which has worked 7 months, settles down on a server bluehost which several days ago has blocked an account. Unfortunately, I have found this forum and read responses about my hoster already after have bought a hosting at bluehost, differently I would find other place for my site. By the way, to me till now have not answered what item Terms of service I has broken.

    My service specializes on sending of files from the internet to e-mail and to ftp-servers. And I am compelled to look for a new place for it, choosing from accessible offers of the dedicated servers. The budget 90-120 $. I think about (too expesive for me) and Please, offer me still suitable variants proceeding from specificity of service.

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    The prices vary a lot depending on if your server is Managed or unmanaged. So you have to give more information.

    Thank You,

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    Quote Originally Posted by KLeit
    My service specializes on sending of files from the internet to e-mail and to ftp-servers. . else can you e-mail without using the internet.
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    If you wouldn't mind a unmanaged server serve4sale might be good. We just signed up with them a few days ago after reading a good review. We signed up for a layeredtech server and everything has been running great... Their a little spotty on the english but very very quick to fix a problem.

    - John

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    Do you have any hardware or software requirements? Managed or Unmanaged?
    Software: LAMP, phpMyAdmin, cronjobs, sendmail.
    Hardware: 120-160Gb HDD, 1Gb RAM, 1-1.5Gb Bandwidth else can you e-mail without using the internet.
    Read attentively - I meen sending files FROM OTHER SITES to user's e-mail. I not such stupid.

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    For that price you could get a lot from server4sale...

    I got the Package Intel P4 2.8 B (SUPER SUPER LOW PRICE) for 89/ mo and it's awesome, if you don't need cPanel you could go with the Package Intel P4 2.8 A (Hot Deal) for $4 less a month and 1GB more ram.

    I'm a little confused though, if you are sending files from other sites why do you NEED a dedicated? How large is your site, how many users, do you run resource intensive scripts? I'm sure you would get a lot of better responses if you posted that information.

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    You could get a server from LayeredTech and then combine it with management from PlatinumServerManagement.

    Always check in LT forums for specials before ordering.



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    NhojOhl, files ordered by the user, uploaded a script on a server, cut piecemeal and send by e-mail. At present on my site it is registered 3000 users. Files on a server take a place nearby 60Gb. In work of a site scripts of uploading and sending which highly load a server and the channel are used. Can simultaneously be about 6-10 working scripts in memory.

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