This is an Unique Friend Adder Script
This script has som unique featueres that no other web based myspace friend adder script offers!
Free For all Users:- Add thousends of myspace friends
- get 1 point for every friend your are add
- get 10 points for referal a new Friend
- Automatically collect Myspace ID's
- Post bulletins
- Automatic paypal payment
- grab ID's via cronjob.
- put google adwords Adwords Header/Center/Footer
-and more
Featuered Users:
Collect Target Friends by:
- Country
- Age
- Men/Woman
- Interest's/hobbies

Admin Featueres:
Admin Control panel
- Edit Settings
- Set Featuered Prices (payment via paypal)
- Show error log
- Edit CSS
- Edit Website text
- Edit Banner Codes
- Edit Myspace Bulletin
Admin screenshot: here
Selling Price $99 (per domain. 1 script = 1 domain. Yo cannot host the same script on different domains)
NOTE: You need a domain name and a webspace to run this website.

Note: Those type of website offers Featuered Account at $70- $100/month. This mean that with only 1 featuered account sold you will
return your investment!!

Script needs 1 MySQL Database
i can install for $10 (only on Cpanel hosting)
Current Special 25% Off. Only $74.25 (limited time offer)

Please PM if you have any question or if you like to test out the advance featuere of this script on (i will set you to featuered for 1 day)