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    Need simple urgent CSS

    I need a very simple CSS. Here's how it should work: when I click on a certain link, a hidden div should appear right where I clicked with a close option.

    That's it. $5 via paypal to first person who messages me on msn with the ready script: zaid_farooqui at

    If you don't have the script ready, please don't message me. I'm looking for someone who knows how to do this and not someone who will play around for few hours to get it going. We're talking minutes here. I'll post the thread soon as I've a confirmed working script.

    Must work in IE/FF.

    UPDATE: I've changed the specs a bit. I'd like this script modified so the tooltip appears on MOUSECLICK rather than mouseover. And there's a close link to close the tooltip.
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    job offer closed.

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