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    Problems with timeouts on

    First, let me tell you this forum is amazing! I was on the look for another hosting provider (after having some issues with Godaddy), and after reading some great posts and reviews, I finally chose Hostgator yesterday. So far, it's been a great choice (great speed and lots of space for what i needed, which is mostly a blog:

    However, I've been experiencing timeouts and slowdowns in my webpage today, and was wondering if someone else with hostgator had the same problems?

    Also, one thing I didn't check was how bad do oversell? I mean, they offer like 1000 gigabytes of monthly bandwidth, so my guess is that they might be overselling some? Anyone else had any problems with them?

    Thanks in advance, and again, love the forums!

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    Got a response from the support Team, and I'm now even more amazed at this provider. Before, with Godaddy, it would take days to get a response from them. Everything seems to be working fine again, and this minor annoyance allowed me to try out their support.

    Anyhow, I must say, I'm very happy with them

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    Heh, you were asking something ...and 30 minutes afterwards you got your answer and you are happy about it
    Good luck with hostgator
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    Within a 24 to 48 hour period, your domain name may not have resolved to all of the internet. The timeouts were most likely due to name resolution errors that didn't have anything to do with HostGator.


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