Hello everyone,

I'm an unemployeed telecommunications technician with experience in commercial telephone system installation and service, as well as networking infrastructure and protocals. I've been running my own hosting accounts (WHM, cPanel) for many years and would like to make a career change an get into the hosting industry full time, however, with no formal training and no professional experience I'm having some trouble breaking into the industry through more traditional application processes.

I suppose I'm looking at entry level positions, such as help desk or ticketing, and I would think I could handle most first and/or second level support issues. In addition, I'm experienced in HTML/XHTML and CSS design, CMS installation and administration (primarily e107, but others to a lesser degree), and WHM/cPanel server administration. I'm confident that I could be an asset to almost any company in more ways than one.

I'd never come in here claiming to know everything, first of all, I clearly do not, secondly... this community is pretty astute and would probably hang me on my own words. Though I will claim to be dedicated employee, tireless researcher, and analytical problem solver. I like to think I'm a bright guy with a fair understanding of the systems in play and when it comes to things I don't understand I'm a quick study and have an insatible willingness to learn.

I guess I'm asking if anyone out there is willing to take a chance on a guy who doesn't have a very good paper trail?

If you would like any additional information at all please do not hestiate to contact me, I'm more than willing to provide additional work history, experience, etc.

Thanks for your time,

Daniel Whelan
St. Louis, MO

[email protected]