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    Plesk v2.5 Easy to use or not?

    Hi there,

    I'm getting a dedicated server and wanted to know if plesk was easy to use. I have no knowledge of Telnet/SSH or apache commands.

    Everyone says it's easy and does everything by itself, so I wanted to know if it was true? or are there anything I should know as basic commands to run the server?

    thanks in advance.

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    I love Plesk, much more so than Cpanel. Cpanel is good as well I suppose, but I love Plesk.

    It's very easy to use, and if you need help, just ask, somebody will help.

    Basic commands? I didn't know any when I first started but I picked some up here and there as I went along, and I did a search on Google and found a ton of info.

    Hope this helps sir!

    Also, try using the search feature here at WHT, you'll probably find a ton of info on Plesk vs. Cpanel and more

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    You will need to eventually learn commands and the workings of the server, plesk is by far the best and esiest to use in my opinion, but to install it you will eather need direct access to server or telnet/ssh
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    You're not going to run a server with only PLESK . That's basically just for setting up clients.
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    thanks for the replies... the server will have plesk preinstalled. SO I don't seem to have to worry alot about it. well I might need to learn how to use telnet/ssh. Any pointer to that?

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    Search WHT and Google for that.

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    Easy to use and overall good product, but......

    it has no curb appeal. And, my experience has just been that customers see CPanel and even Ensim as offering more.

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    Yes but what you people think of PLESK V5.0 ? It seem to get some new features.

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    5.0? As far as I know Plesk is only up to 2.5.2.

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong...

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    look at in the news. and they are at version 2.5.3 but 5.0 is not out yet.

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    Yes I see 2.5.3 now, but still no version 5...

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    Ah I see....

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