I was recently using MediaTemple's grid service. I have a couple of small web sites (less than 100 visits a day) and my sites were really slow ( around 15sec to show a web page). I dediced to try something different and rented a VPS at futurehosting.biz. I took the unmanaged package at 35$/m without any control panel. It's been 2-3 weeks and so far I'm 120% satisfied. My websites are so fast that I can hardly believe it. I was able to log on my server 8 minutes after placing my order. I didn't have to contact support yet, but they seems to know what they are doing. I also recommended FH to a friend who wants to learn linux (he took the smaller 9.95$ package). We're all happy so far. Will post back in 3-6 months.

NOTE: the support from MediaTemple was excellent, they have a very good admin interface. I switched because my sites were really slow (even basic html page). When I canceled my account, they offered me 2-3 months free, but I refused.