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    how does ram work?

    I got a vps and I dont really understand how ram works but my sites arent really that big yet actually not at all at least teh ones on the vps. I am using directadmin as the panel.

    I am using 279mb supposely lol can someone explain this to me because i am a new to this lol

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    On most VPS's you can check RAM usage by running the following command:

    cat /proc/user_beancounters

    Also, is this a Virtuozzo? If so, I believe they now have a memory management utility built into the powerpanel. You can access it by going to https://ip_address:4643

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    well i meant could this much ram be coming from a non active vb board and direct admin? Also is ram monthly thing or does it reset every second or what. I am so confused lol

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    RAM = Random Access Memory - It's a very very fast storage mechanism used by computers. It's very very important and the more you use the slower your server / PC will get....

    Also RAM is volitile storage, so if it ever looses power, everything it had on it will be lost.

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    More is stored in RAM than just your websites. The Operating system has many processes running in the background that account for some ram usage, things like ftp server, mail server, name servers, http server, mysql server also are running on your server (or likely are) and consume ram all the time whether they are being used or not.

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