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    Need Recommendations / Tips

    Hello ...

    I need a dedicated server , as a partner with my friend.

    The server will include 2 sites.

    These sites today are consuming:

    Site size: 10 GB
    Daily unique visitors: 3000-4000 visitors
    Daily viewed pages: 10000-15000 pages
    Bandwidth: 1000 GB (daily bandwidth : 33 GB )

    I also emphasize that our sites have a growing tendency.

    Till now we are using shared hosting with minimal costs. (about 2 years)

    Our sites contains many video/audio files.

    We are using 10 databases.

    Most visitors are from saudi arabia. (40%)

    Budget: $ 1000 ( annual ) - or less ...

    Need recommendations / tips plz.

    with regards.

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    P4 server with 1GB RAM, unmanaged service, if you want managed service,you may need to raise your budget.
    look at offer forums for providers.


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    I'd agree with DediPlace, AMD processors usually save you around $20.00 a month, so look for a nice Athlon XP system, maybe at layeredtech?
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