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    * JOB: REMOVING Negative Serch engine results from first page?

    I need someone who is able to Remove or Redirect some Search Engine search results that is affecting my clients business....I own 100+ Domains pertaining to the search result, i need someone to make this specific search result to be REMOVED or at least pushed out of the first few page results. PM ME if you can do this, Paypal payment..I NEED THIS DONE, Serious inquiries only, if you cant or think you can do this, don't PM ME...I need someone that can 100% guarantee me they can do this fast and efficient!! good Pay if job done RIGHT. PM ME.

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    No one can guarantee SEO results, if they do then they're lying.

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    Yeah, you'd have to work at the search engine company, and even than... it's not doable

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    stuffradio, can you PM me the exact details of what you want done? We'd like to have a look.
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