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    * For Sale - 16230 unique pages & fully optimized website

    hello every one,
    Fully optimized website is for sell.
    • Domain pagerank 2 ( )
    • 16230 unqiue and fully search engine optimized pages
    • Webtools , shopping zone , amazon store, web directory
    • Articles , information , tricks, tips, topics, resources,
    • Amazon and adsense in every pages for great earning
    • News feed in ever page for search engines to show new contents daily
    • Unique design
    • google xml sitemap, optimized sitemap
    • and much more
    1. Minimum is $100
    2. Maximum is $1000
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    Do you have proof of revenue?

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    well if you have traffic, backlinks, pages optimized and added adsense in every page and other affiliate programs then afcourse you will get revenue, look at the dark of site you will get answer of your question, i have get $25 in 12 days this is just of startup of site , i lunched this site before 1 month , optimized it and try to make it more esly for search engines, and done maximam seo for this site, and it is now going up more and more.

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    Unique pages?

    I just copied & pasted sections from a number of your articles in to Google and they are coming up everywhere. So either NOT unique, or LOTS of people have copied your site?

    Also you said you launched last month, i noticed all your pages have copyright 2005-2006. So just wondering about this?


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    * Yes my friend

    My friend site is old , but new update in dec 2006 that why copyright is 2005 - 2006 as i update site in 2006 last time, but now i update site in 2007 again you will see in main pages copy right to 2007 but not in all pages reson is that site is too big it will take time to upload again , so if someone will buy then i will update copyright, and articles you are talking about not my own my friend, see author names and there websites, but this articles are in our websites with new contents, and have more futures there you will see , added adsense in every pages, RSS news and others, and make fully optimized every page and done submissions into thosand of directories. If you want to buy this website then lets talk in IM so i will guide you more about website.
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    And you are talking about pages, every page is unqiue with diffrent codes and there are having up to 16230 unqiue pages with diffrent words and with diffrent codes not the same

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