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AcuNett, LLC has been servicing clients longer than the majority of other Server Management companies.* During our 6 years of existence, we have built a strong reputation for generating happy clients.

Kernel Compile | w/ grsecurity | $25

[Operating Systems]
RedHat Linux 7.3 - 9.0
Fedora Core 1 - 6
RHEL/CentOS 3 & 4
Debian 3.1

Why choose one of the AcuNett Management Services?

* Team of System Administrators available to you 24x7.
* Out of date software leads to exploited and compromised servers.
* Proactive service guarantees constantly updated system packages.
* Hardened system prevents system compromise.
* Optimized system provides faster operating speeds.
* Optimized software results in faster connections, page loads, and queries.
* Worry free 24x7 Monitoring guarantees maximum server uptime.
* Well maintained: weekly system health checks and security audits.
* Well maintained servers lead to less server problems.
* Limited AIM/MSN Support*
* Fully staffed 24x7, 365 Days / year


AcuNett 24x7 Proactive Management w/ Compromise-Protection Guarantee* - $35 setup and $65/month

• 24x7 Server SitterTM Monitoring Included
• 5 Minute Interval Monitoring, 10 Minute Reaction Guarantee
• Everything included in Essential Server Setup
• Weekly System Health Reports
• Weekly Security Audit
• Server-required 3rd Party Software Installations (ImageMagick, Fantastico, FFmpeg, GD Library, etc)
• Installation of various server needed components (PHP recompiles, Perl Modules, etc)
Unlimited Administration time to troubleshoot any problems that occur with the server
• 25 Minute Average Response Times
• 2.5 Hour Response Time Guarantee
Unlimited Trouble Tickets
• Operating System package updates (Including FedoraLegacy)
• Constant Security Patching & Software Updates
• Constant Kernel Upgrades
• Backend Server Upgrades - PHP, Apache, MySQL, etc

[Company Information]
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Sales Inquiries: [email protected]

*A Whois of popular management companies show domain creation dates of 2002, 2003, 2004. Company creation assumed based on domain creation date. For accurate information, please contact the individual server management companies.
* Limited to availability and on request.