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    I work at a small company and our server room currently resembles one of those old stereo systems with loads of wires snaking all over the place and servers piled on top of eachoter. We need to start a new round of upgrades and are thinking about moving to rackmounted servers. Anyone got any thoughts on the pros and cons? Also, what about buying these servers. Iíve not bought this type of server before and looking on places like Google and, it looks like a choice between the vendor sales (HP, IBM, etc.) or a reseller like Pyramid or Any recommendations?

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    What do you actually want out of your infrastucture? Rack mounts are fine if you have the racks /cooling in the server room however if you have the space and its privately owned you could look at towers on bread racks which would work out a bit cheaper
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    This would be better in the Colocation Forum

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    It really depends on what your budget is and how much room you have. You can build the same spec server in an atx case for a lot less than you can in a rackmount case. Only problem is they take up more space.

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    I suggest buying the parts and assembling the servers yourself. If you dont have any experience with assembling rackmount servers I would suggest They have decent servers at reasonable prices. - Gameing discussion, arcade, all around good fun

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    There are also some custom rackmount server builders, such as Rackmountsetc, and Rackmountmicro. In many cases, this can be as cheap as building yourself, especially if you count your time cost.

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