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    Need help with DNS Servers, moving from BIND to TinyDNS.

    I currently have 2 DNS Servers with CPanel-DNSOnly Installed, used with CPanel's DNS Clustering options to store dns entries from CPanel web servers.

    I am looking to buy a Windows server(probably with plesk), which i think will not support current CPanel DNSOnly Servers ?

    What i need to do is
    1. Migrate CPanelDNSOnly(which uses BIND) to TinyDNS on both servers
    2. with a simple web-based management of dns entries(to give control to my clients, like
    3. and auto updating of DNS Entires from other CPanel and Windows servers, without conflicting same domain records from different servers (which i think can be solved by updating entires by Latest Modified date/time).

    I am not an expert, and not really sure if i will be able to setup everything myself. here i need your help, guidence, and links to tutorials and help... From where should I start? What and How should I do? Should I consider hiring a System admin? any sugestions or reference for such admins? Any help will be highly appreciated.


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    Hello Zahid,

    I got your MSN add request. I will be in touch with you shortly.

    Thank you!

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