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    * $79 Cobalt Raq, 512mb, 20gb, Multihomed announces it's Grand Opening today !!

    Limited Qty of User Friendly Cobalt Raq Servers Available:

    20 Gig HD (40 Gig Drives also available)
    512 MB RAM (Maximum Ram = Awesome Performance)
    4 IP Address (More available with ARIN required justification)
    FREE APC Reboot Port
    300 Gig Transfer - Multihomed Cogent/Epik

    Our Grand Opening Special ***No Setup Fee*** until 7-14-2002

    TraceRoute to or from our Network with our Network Test Page

    Visit Us Today:
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    I think you still have some work to do on your website seeing as I don't recall a raq4 having a 300 mhz processor, or would those be raq3's with the raq4 OS on them. Bit confusing for potential customers (and no, I'm not one of them, sorry ).

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