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    survey for a psychology class *nature v. nurture*


    I am required to take a survey for a psychology class I am taking in college.

    Question: Do you believe your personality has been more influenced by your genetics/heredity or by your environment?

    Also please provide your Age and Gender and a short sentence explaining your opinion.

    Thank you for your help,

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    Environment, 23 and male.

    I spend a lot of time comparing my surroundings to to the course of evolution. I've been doing this for a few months now, and it has really made me wake up to just what's happening with society.

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    Without question Environment.

    Things like health and physical abilities are very much genetic. But your personality is almost 100% learned. Insticts are one thing, personality is another.

    I'm a 40 yr old male.
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    It's difficult to tell, since I spent the better portion of my life living with the people who are responsible for my genes, and regardless of other environmental factors, is personality is developed environmentally, they would be the most influential part of my development through childhood and my teenage years.

    So which would it be? It's a bit hard to tell when you put it like that^^, but if I was forced to say one or the other, I would have to say environment. I spent enough of my college career studying sociology (it was one of my minors) to make this statement with some degree of deliberation and authority. My allowance for genetic predisposition is just as much academically influenced too.

    Age: 31
    Gender: Male
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    Up to the age of 5-6 the dominant influence belongs to the family, that's when you can imprint values and traditions to a child, but as he/she's getting older social envoromnent means more. But I'm sure in psychology it's experiment that reallty matters, and you could hardly answer this question asking people on forums.

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    Personality is nature, but it can be influenced by nurture. Any mom can tell you that. I have three children and I could see distinctive personalities in each of them almost from the moment they were born.

    How a child is raised can definitely influence how the child grows up and applies his personality traits in every day living.

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    The question is, "Do you believe your personality has been more influenced by your genetics/heredity or by your environment?" Obviously, both are involved in your development.

    I believe it depends upon your genetics/heredity versus your environment. Which one was stronger?

    In my case, genetics/heredity influenced me more. (55 YO Male)
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    Thank you for taking the time to respond to this question, it has helped me greatly with my assignment

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    I am a psych student as well (considering my study is pre-med nursing). I strongly believe that personalities are developed through influences in the environment. Up until the age of 5 or 6, a child spends all of their awake time under supervision of another. We all know that children often mimic actions that they see (and as said in Meet the Fockers "He's absorbing you like a sponge Greg.). Also if you look at cases of children locked away from society and other person's for years of their live, you will notice that these kids have very shallow personalities and without serious help, are not able to survive in today's society.

    Mike (male/18)

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