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    Myspace Message System Problem?

    Basically I opened up a message in myspace, I replied to it and it was very suspicious as it did not have the "Return to Message" option. It did however say "Your message has been sent". I checked in my "Sent" message folder and my message wasn't there. I checked my Inbox and the message was still in "Read" rather than "Replied".

    I was wondering which overrules which. Was my message truly sent or was it not?

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    you might want to change your password

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    Why would I wan't to change my password?

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    If its suspicious, as you stated, Ogg is trying to help you reassure yourself by changing your password so that if it was a hacking attempt you'd be a little safer.

    Thats why!!!!

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    No, I'm suspicious on myspace not on my password or someone trying to hack it. I'm just wondering if anyone has any extensive knowledge on myspace.

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