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    How to block certian Site Content on your server?

    Hey thanks to everyone for helping me in the past!

    This forum has saved me on multiple ocasions..
    But once again I have anouther question

    is there any way to block certain site content or is there any software Free is preferd but any will do that can search for and deleate or suspend sites with specified content?

    Reason for this is I have a Free Hosting Business but over the last month or so we have been having a huge problem with rapidleach sites poping up ..

    1. we have tryed Blocking IPs . stoped this at 300 ips wasnt working
    2. We switched to a different sign up System that includes varification and Anti Bot security.. This didnt seem to work

    Im not sure what to do.. I spend a good 2-3 hours a day deleating these types of sites.. They are a huge system Hog! They use a large amount of band !

    Since my site offers Unlimited band Which i dont want to change as i do have many lagitimit customers that use my service..

    Some of these sites Use less then 3Mb Disk But over 600MB in less then TWO days... Now at that rate if i just gave up my fight rufly these sites would be using about 9TB of band a month!!!

    Little background on my systems .. We use Apache with Cpanel And WHm

    We own our servers so we can mod just about anything

    is there any way to combat this withought changing my packages ?

    maybe a system bott that finds sites with certain key words or somthin ?? i just dont know of any ...

    Any other hosts have problem with this ?
    And Yes its in my TOS They dont care lol
    Any coments or sugestions please..

    Thanks again to all

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    If you can detect patterns of bad sites, you can automate the process.
    The site without accss to .html but only to .mp3, site created by bot (some bots are easy to spot), and so on.

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    Im not sure the makers of these sites are actually Bots as i do get many emails from people why there account was suspended..

    Im just looking for a solution to automated the dedection and deleation of such accounts .. thanks for the reply tho

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    Well, you can automate things when you know certain patterns.
    It can be access patterns, site creation pattens, anything you can get from apache, firewall, whatever.

    But you need to find the patterns and then code that in the way it works well enough, which can be a time consuming task (and rather difficult if you don't have good programming knowledge).

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