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    Virtuozzo VZPP firewall issues

    This firewall was never configured before. Assuming it was "Off"
    I have APF installed, But the firewall got turned on. Now it's causing a headache for me.

    The firewall keeps setting it's self
    to "Advanced Policy accept"

    When it's sets itself to this, I can't log into SSH and emails.
    I have to log in and set it to "Advanced Policy Drop" then I am allowed to access..

    Since I have APF installed.
    Is there a way I can turn off or disable this firewall and just use APF?
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    Even when the Virtuozzo firewall is turned on, it shouldn't be blocking anything by default. Are you sure that it's not something else that's blocking the access? Keep in mind that in a VPS enviroment you cannot use default APF settings - it requires some custom changes.

    I suspect that that's causing the problem here, and that when you turn off the firewall through vzpp you get access again, as it resets iptables as a whole.

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    I haven't changed APF.

    This was installed with the default setting by my host.
    All was fine till the VZPP firewall was configured for the 1st time.
    When it's set to the "Allow" I can't log in to SSH or Email.
    I switch it to the advanced Drop then it will work.

    I'm just worried that with both of these firewalls in place, 1 it's causing me headaches, and 2 worried about both of them causing issues with each other and not being secure.

    Isn't there a way to put the firewall back to where it was before it was configured?
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