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Thread: Xeon vs Opteron

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    Xeon vs Opteron

    Hello everyone,

    I've used the search to try and look up a thread like this but I haven't found any.

    Which one would you pick:
    Xeon or Opteron and why?

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    AMD uses about 20% less electrical power compared to Intel.
    Intel Xeon is faster when it comes to windows SQL requests.

    Just my 2 thoughts...
    Mateo Meier
    Founder Artmotion

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    I'm an Opteron fan. Opterons have greater memory bandwidth than Xeons, plus they can take a beating Apache-wise without decreasing in requests per second. For example, see the benchmarks pitting the Opteron 252 against the Xeon 3.6 here or, and the Dual core Xeon 2.8 vs the Opteron 280 here.

    However, with the new Woodcrests... AMD has a run for it's money. But still, I'd go for an Opteron.

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    AMD or Bust!!!
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