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    [Hire Me]PHP Work, Billing Installation/configuration- $10, Tech Support, Odd Jobs.

    My name is Austin. I have 8 years experience in Web Development. I have done quite a bit a work for those in the webhostingtalk community, and I have quite a few references I am able to provide on request. Below I have provided my services.

    Layout Slicing and Coding:
    $10.00 per psd

    Billing System Installations
    I can install any of your billing systems for a fee of $10.00.

    Billing System and Script Integrations
    I can integrate any billing system or php script into your existing layout for a fee of $10.00

    Billing System Configuration
    I can configure your billing system to work how you want it to for a fee of $10.00, and I will also be available to answer questions you may have in regards to learning your system.

    Php Scripting
    I can also make small scripts such as custom contact forms, etc for $5.00 a script.

    Technical Support
    I can also work as a level 1, 2 Technical Support Representative. I have worked along side many hosting companies, and I am able to provide references for my work. I also have a extensive resume available on request. I have worked as a Technical Support Representative for a Company with 300-22,000 customers, and I am very confident in my skills. My Technical Highlights:


    -Redhat Linux
    -PHP/CGI/PERL Related Issues
    -Domain Reselling
    -Controlpanels (cpanel, plesk, webmin, h-sphere)
    -E-Mail Servers (Linux & Windows)
    -DNS Servers (Linux & Windows)
    -Database Servers (MSSQL, MySQL, Postgree, etc)
    -Live Help Software (Php Live, Star Develop live helper, live person, Kayako live support)
    -Marketing (SEO)
    -Invoicing and Billing
    -Modernbill, WHMAP, ClientExec, WhoisCart
    -Managing HelpDesk/Ticket+Email Support (Kayako Helpdesk, Inverseflow HelpDesk, PerlDesk, Cerebus Helpdesk)
    -Extensive knowledge in PHP, CSS, HTML, and CGI

    Level 1 Tickets/Chat Request - $0.50
    Level 2 Tickets/Chat Request - $0.75

    Or perferably Salary rates discussed dependable on the hours, and the average number of tickets.

    Note: I can also do Sales/Billing related questions. However, I will not work for commission based rates. I am looking to work with established hosting businesses.

    Verifiable References:

    "I would definitely recommend his services. He installed and setup ModernBill for me. He was quick and professional all the way. We even ran into problems with my server -- he didn't charge me extra or complaint at all! I'm definitely going to be sticking with him for everything he'd like to do for me! Thanks again for the help!

    Breck Burgess
    I can give you the usernames of others I have worked with, which you may private message to determine there expierences with working with me.

    Contact Me
    - Private Message
    - Aim = Highere
    - Msn and Email - Ask


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    could / would you do standby support?

    I'm looking for someone who could do PHP code checking, i.e. if a client has problems with some of his code, and needs it checked. This would be paid by the hour, if you're happy with that

    Level 1 Tickets/Chat Request - $0.50
    Level 2 Tickets/Chat Request - $0.75
    Is this price per ticket?
    Do you prefer a minimum per month?
    Could you work on a Cerberus helpdesk ticket system?
    What access would / do you need to the server in case of Level 2 tickets?
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