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    Screwed Up Directory Permissions


    I'm trying to run a php-based photo-gallery program on my website, but I'm having the following problem. I set the program's directory to 777 permissions (as it needs in order to be able to generate automatic thumbnails), but when I go to the program's various directories or image-contents (which are supposed to be publicly viewable), I get a login popup and an "401 Authorization Required" error, even though they all have 777 permissions according to my FTP.

    Oddly enough, all other directories (other than this program's directory and sub-directories) are fully-viewable (you don't get a Forbidden error as I want them to get)!

    Ok, so how can I fix these errors? My OS is Fedora, my FTP is WS_FTP.

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    Check .htaccess and httpd.conf
    may be you deny it.

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