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Thread: The NY Noc

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    The NY Noc

    We have bought a server from ...
    and they are having problems... first 1gb memory module is broken,
    then HDD has got errors (failure) ...tehn server does not work...

    until we have payed the staff replyed fast.. but now we wait for reply for few hours...i think some times 1-2 days...

    does anyone else have this problems??
    What company do you sudgest?

    i need dedicated server .. something like
    Dual AMD Opteron 242
    2 or 3 GB ram
    2 x 80GB hdd
    100mbps port
    2000gb bw

    ... for lets say max 210$ per month...

    Thank you!
    and i say THE NY NOC is very bad...

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    I highly recommend GigeNet.

    The Core 2 Duos they have are much faster than the Dual Opterons you listed above. Also, they offer a free upgrade to 2GB RAM and 100mbit port on the order form. Heck, within your budget, you can probably go for the AMD Dual Core Opt. they advertise and upgrade to quad for free (on the order form) as well as 100mbit and 2GB RAM... I highly recommend them, not only for the great pricing, but for the extremely solid network and fast support


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    2 days not replying? that doesn't sound right. Check your tickets in their system. I have never gotten a reply later than an hour. The only time they sometimes take a while is if you email their sales department. And just a tidbit of info that I found out....if you leave a msg through their live chat it goes to their sales email so maybe that is why you do not get a fast reply.

    I am a current client and I am happy. If hardware failed I am sure they replaced it for you as they did when I had rented servers from them. (I am a colo client now)

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    i am not a begginer ... this is my third server...
    i have checked in ticket system... i had 2 tickets.. on 1 ticket i took them few hours, and on one ticket more then 6 hours...

    maybe it's because i didn't buy a expansive server (180$ per month) ...

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    they sold me the server that does not work at all...
    its a little up and a little down... the hdd does not work
    i reports errors on hdd (hdd broken) we paid 3gb ram
    get 2 gb ram...

    and there are no users at server so there is no load
    and server is braking down....

    i have just requested a some kind of money back because
    they stole money from me... because the server DOES NOT WORK!!!

    what kind of company is company that puts in server HDD that is broken,
    gives less ram.. ETC....?

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    Well the RAM could very well be a mistake and the hard drive having issues I mean you pick any host sometimes you'll get bad hardware. For all we know the RAM is there as well but not sitting properly so it's not showing up.

    It does however seem odd on the slow replies I had used them for a few months quite a while ago and never had issues with ticket replies but things change I suppose.
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    they told me about ram... they didn't have 1gb module for upgrade o 3gb ram... so it took a while... the hard drive has been replaced and new one is inside...

    may be the slow reply is because they got much work.. but i have transfered from old provider because support was terrible... and i come here... and the support is still terrible... but ok .. after this post i think they will try to do much better...

    i would like to thank them...
    they have puted in opteron 244 instead opteron 242 and that is very good...
    i will se how it will work for this month and if i don't like it only thing i can do
    is transfer to other comapny and tell you guys what problems there were...

    i hope there will be no problems anymore...

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