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    Hi all,

    It's your chance to advertise cheaply on a fast growing webmaster/free hosting community.

    It's been a month since launch and there's been 600 -> 900 visits daily. Now that has risen to 900 - 1000 per day. We recieved upto 4500 registrations of which just under 2000 are active account holders. We have a fast growing community as well.

    Banner Ads
    Have ads available on forum pages. Selling a 468 X 60 monthly banner space for 45 USD per month (no rotations, your banner only, top of every forum page, replaces the current "FastSpace" banner), and a 721 X 90 banner at the footer of the forums at only 25 USD per month (no rotations, your banner only) I've put the FastSpace banner at the top of the forums for the last 3-4 weeks, and recieved just under 200 clicks from the domain.

    So to recap:
    468 X 60 Top Banner (forums, no rotations): 45 USD per month
    721 X 90 Footer Banner (forums, no rotations): 25 USD per month

    You can sponsor one of our many forums for just 7.50 USD per month, each. You would be allowed to display a small banner 200 X 20 max under each forum title and a sticky thread in that forum.

    I believe this is a great opportunity for any webmaster related websites/services to advertise. Users are from all over the world, majority are US users.

    We aim for new beginners webmasters to join our community/service and will continue to grow. Prices may change in the coming months pending traffic.

    Thanks a lot.
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