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    Web Design + Graphic Design + Promotion Services... SUBMIT YOUR SITE.

    I am looking to Extend a couple sections on my freebie/affordable stuff site. Currently we have 3 abandon sections named 'web design, graphic design, promotion'. If you are an affordable web designer, graphic designer, promoter. Submit your site to us, its free, and will problably send you some more visitors.

    IF YOU, design graphics, design web sites, and promote... Submit your site as a web designer, or if you just do web design, submit as web design.

    If you ONLY do graphics, submit yourself as a graphic designer.

    If you ONLY do promotion, submit yourself as a promotion.

    We would like to extend this to small companys, but free lancers are entirely welcome.

    Also include your average CPH (cost per hour). So if on average you work for $10 an hour, please input that. Also include CPH for graphic design. For promotion services, input the average overall cost for a promotion package etc.

    Anthony .V
    (Sorry if this is a little confusing, I have quit smoking, and I am literally going insane haha)
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