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    We are happy to announce that our new Referral System has just gone live! Our popular PR5 directory sales premium links on a daily basis. You can view the proof of our sales via our premium listings page. We have created an affiliate system from scratch that easily allows you to signup for a free affiliate account and earn up to $50 dollars per referral (50% of each sale from your affiliate link).

    The unique features about our referral system is that we offer SEO friendly urls as your referral link. So instead of a link such as, we give you a simple link like this example:

    Search engines will also spider your this link so once your referral link is displayed on different websites there is a good chance that people will come across your referral link from searching the web.

    We also provide you with a list of other sites that we have known to benefit site owners (both free and paid) where you can submit your referral link and earn referrals. You will also be provided with a text or image link code that you may use to place on your site or signature.

    You also have the option of choosing how much money you want to charge your clients per referral. If you feel that a lower price would increase more sales than you can easily change your referral price in your profile. You have the options for selling your affiliate link starting from $19 dollars up to $99 dollars.

    There is also an automated tracking system which is simple to use but offers advanced functionality in keeping track of your sales. You may view this screenshot as an example of how your stat system looks like:

    You also have the option to receive automated emails when you made a sale. The email function can be easily turned on or off via your referral profile settings. Basically this referral system provides you with all of the tools and information on how to advertising your referral link.

    We own over 7 successful sites for the past 5 years and honestly speaking is the easiest when it comes to making sales. So we are confident that you will earn money as well since businesses understand the importance of our site and purchase links on a daily basis. This system is free and you can earn money per referral so check it out! Please let us know if you have any questions and we would be happy to answer them.

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    Thank you for your time
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