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    * Domain up for renewal - reseller gone out of business

    My domain is up for renewal this march, but my reseller has gone out of business and I am obiously unable to contact them. They have been dissolved as a company (according to company house)

    The reseller was

    Any ideas how I can regain control of .net domain?


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    Hi Jay,

    I did a whois lookup on your domain and the regsitrar for your domain is enom. So shoot an email to enom's customer service and they should be able to take care of your issue. At least you started this BEFORE your domain expired! Good luck!


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    Thanks for the quick reply!

    Enom sounds like a good start.


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    4 years back I had the same issue. I emailed enom and requested to transfer the domain to another registrar. enom then sent an email to the registrant email address (which was mine of course) and everything worked out within a few days.

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