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    new project, would appreciate feedback

    hello i just started a new project I think will be helpful for most people. Its a site dedicated to Linux tutorials, howtos, and general Linux info for the desktop and the server. Will probably be more focused towards desktop user.

    I'm no pro myself but sometimes I find and compile information Ive found and share it with others so that is the basic goal. I also know this has been done before and there is tons of sites out there like this, its mainly just gonna be a place I kill time at, seems working on a site like this aside from other hectic things is a way to relax for me.

    the site is

    I pretty much like the look now but have had some complaints about the fonts, I'm no web designer so I just used basic wordpress with this theme.

    I'm pretty much still open to trying different cms, i did use nuke-evolution on my old site which is a pretty good and secure site it just got too slow and all themes are being designed for gaming clans so it just didn't suit my needs.
    before I finally dumped it I was burning up installatron and fantastico trying new things out, something always had something wrong, either security or just too much stuff to organize. Basically I just want categories and place to add links. So wordpress is doing a pretty good job so far.

    If anyone has any suggestions, comments, criticism , I would appreciate it. the project has just been launched recently, I like it and have got pretty good feedback on it but only for a few different people, open to more feedback.

    So if you came across this thread, are bored, and wanna give it a look see and some comments that would be great!

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    If I may suggest something about the looks, you could put some graphics on your site, maybe just in top. The site is all grey and containing only text. Graphics elements would spice it up

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