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    Help me choose

    Hi everyone.

    I have been on shared hosting for a while now and my sites don't need more, I mainly sell scripts, so nothing to do with communities and large databases, etc.

    Lately, I needed to get a merchant account and like most of you might know, server secuirty is involved.

    Never did I have any problems with the current host but after the merchant account provider's security team scanned the server, they came up with a little report saying that telnet is a risk and since am on shared, there is no way I can have this blocked for the entire server.

    My question is, do I need a dedicated server or is a VPS enough for that?

    The server needs to be PCI/AIS certified - some kind of certification by Visa/Mastercard

    If shared is still good for that, please let me know too.



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    Do you have a list of the requirements to pass the security certification?

    You should be able to get a merchant account in a shared environment without too large of problem. Telnet is actually outdated and a lot of hosts have it disabled now on their servers. The best way to find out if a host does is simply e-mail them along with any other requirements you may have.

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    Those are the requirements I guess.

    I am at Dreamhost for the moment, but even though Telnet is outdated, they still have it opened and even if I use a dedicated IP, they say it would still appear as opened or something.

    And no, I am not emailing them, there are just too many, I want to hear from you guys before I select a few companies to contact and know what I should be looking for (shared, vps or dedicated).

    I appreciate the help.

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    One way to find a host that should comply is they carry the "Hacker Safe" brand from Scan Alert. They list some of their partners at:

    There are some shared hosts listed there, so it's probably not a bad place to start looking.

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    you can get a dedicated IP from dreamhost, you can even tell them to block that port on your IP (iptables) ... I think they will do it ...if not ...just get another account somewhere else
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