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    Help! I have Lost My Domain Name!


    I had my .com website hosted with It came up for renewel in Novemember, I paid the subscription (60+) and all was well. However a few days later my site went down. I raised a support ticket with I heard nothing for 2 weeks so then researched to find it had been taken over by Many Many emails and 3 months later and they are still processing my order. However last night I checked my domain only to find someone else has taken it! By doing a WHOIS i noticed that it had been renewed by a completly differerent company. However the company is just using it as one of those directory sites. My website is basically so it is no use to anyone really. I have fired off an angry email to and i am waiting a reply.

    What i would like to know is what should I do next as regards to and how do I get my domain back??

    Thanks all

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    I think you should contact ICANN to find out this issue.

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    Is this worthwhile? bear in mind this is a personal site and I dont have the finance to go through a costly court case or pay legal fees etc? Can ICANN resolve issues cheaply?

    Thanks for you help

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    I have since had this reply from which has been unacceptable to me; Please can someone offer some advice? Thanks


    Joker have Still not got back to me with regards to the domain ********, and looking at the domain it has unfortunately been purchased by someone else.
    We will refund you for the amount of 48 which you have paid, and would like to offer you a free domain and 6 months free hosting.
    I can only apologies for the massive inconvenience this has caused you.

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    I've lost some domains with the past (thanks to Registerfly's bad service) and they were lost forever. If they weren't renewed, and were grabbed by another person (strange that it was so quickly) I don't know if ICANN will directly help you.
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    Despite how this may sound, your domain is lost. Forget about it. Move on. Accept their gracious offer of another free domain and hosting.

    If you want your domain back, do a whois lookup for the current registrant and fire off an offer to purchase it.
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