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    How is Site5's five dollar a month plan?

    Site 5 has a 5 dollar a month plan on their homepage. Is it any good? I have their multi-admin plan and it's about to expire and I need to decide wether to get the 5 dollar plan or their reseller plan. I hear from people that if I plan on building a lot of websites which I intend to, it's best I go with the reseller plan.

    Also can anyone explain to me the benefits of a reseller plan as oppose to that 5 dollar plan site5 offers? The reseller plan is more expensive and has less storage space and less bandwidth. Why's that?

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    Site5 is an overseller, which means they sell more resources than they can provide. Whereas with the reseller they expect you to use all your resources so they provide less so they can't be blamed for not providing everything you paid for.

    A reseller account gives you permission to act like your own web host, so you can provide your own plans and your own control panel. If you were going to build lots of web sites and want to have your own control panel for each site, i would grab the reseller plan. But, if they all are full of MySQL and PHP i would highly suggest NOT getting the shared account so you cannot be blamed for using too much resources (CPU time and RAM).

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    Search around the forums here for some reviews of site5. The results are mixed.

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    used to be with them their support is unacceptable they give me the client exel license which invalid one and when i contact them to ask them give me the valid license so i can set up my billing system.... no respond

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    I currently have a site running on the 5 dollar deal. Don't expect to be able to use all of the bandwidth given with the account. Your site will be suspended. If I get time I will try to write a detailed review since I have been with them for three months now.

    Site 5 has also taken allot of abuse when it comes to support on the boards. I will agree that there support was not that great six months ago and this why I left them for a short period of time. They lured me back with the 5 dollar deal and I have been fairly happy. The support team has responded to all my tickets in under 15 min. and have had resolutions to the problems very quickly. They have also helped me out with some custom configuration of scripts which they were not required to do.

    I agree with everything that was said above on why you would want to use a reseller account.

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