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    Low budget ad campaign/ advertising advice

    Well finally after 2 years of hosting on my own servers I have finally built up enough to have a small advertising budget. I still get a few sales per week just advertising on forums, but mostly word of mouth.

    I think I can take on a lil more clients before I stop taking customers, I don't want to take on more then I can handle. Anyway I searched around and read different things, mixed opinions.

    I know there is a lot of very successful hosters here who does do regular ad campaigns so I wanted to ask everyone's opinion on what kind of advertising I should do and through whom.

    I have around $200 monthly to spend on advertising now, (don't laugh, gotta start somewhere, took me a while just to build up to here )

    I was looking into adwords but there is so much competition the prices are pretty high and I surely couldn't risk invalid clicks on my budget. So if someone experienced in these type things has any input I would appreciate it. Surely some of the big hosts here started where I am now so maybe that will help.

    Thanks, and I did search and research this via search function and on the net, mostly promotion and stuff way too big and costly for me

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    If advertising on your budget doesn't work, try to use that money to create good content, seo'ed it, and hope that search engines like them
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    You'll be throwing away your money on adsense with a budget of that size. Find links/banners to buy on related sites.

    If your niche is ecommerce hosting, get links on small business websites/forums. That type of thing. You can also target the local market fairly cheaply.
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    Thank you for advice I guess any kind of pay per click would be a waste. I suppose I will go talk to some site owners and see if I can get someone to put up my banner for a decent price. I know its a pretty stupid ad budget but I think its about time I start some kind of ad campaign.

    And that's a good point that affiliate7 stated, I'm not the best in web design and graphics so I probably would be better off hiring someone to make me a sharper site. Guess Ill weigh some options, probably try to do a little of both

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    With ppc advertising and a low budget, the key is to go for niche searches where the big boys aren't playing. The cpc is much cheaper. Even though you may not be able to get many searches/clicks, what you get is very targeted.

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    Hello, Im sure u have a local computer fair or market. Have some leaflets produced and see if they can put them on the ticket desk i tried it and working very well and hitting the correct market.

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    Use adwords and go after very specific keywords and get them at a low cost (if there such a thing anymore at Google).

    You will find that you can spend your $200 per month and get quality visitors looking to buy very specific products, which will make for good ROI.

    THe trick is to learn Adwords and use it properly which can be quite a bit of work if you are unfamiliar with it.
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    now Im gonna go for banners somewhere after weighing against adwords for now, I just have to find a site to affordably place my banners. I got a contact message on my site once from some other hosting search site about advertising but their forum is so in active I dont know if I will or not.

    thanks for all input

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