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    100mbps , Celeron 1000mhz 512mb ram CHEAT?!!

    Well I read a lot of high bandwidth offers.

    like 100mbps full duplex then when i look at hardware.

    usualy its celeron or sempron.
    with 512 ram

    How in hell can such a crapy cpu puch 33tb per month?!!

    because most of those companies which offer such unmetered plans do not offer high end servers?

    was wondering if they cheat or something

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    Acctually its not hard to push 100mbps out of a Celeron. Hell you can easily push 100mbps out on an old pentinum II or III. Depending on your content. If you are serving up static files you would have few problems.

    I think the biggest cheat is that if you get anywhere close to 33TB a month they will cap your connection or "ask you to leave". 100mb connection on all the time costs at least $1100/month

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    Do they hosting companies say that the 100Mbit is shared between servers or that its 1:1 on yours. Also if you look at shoutcast from a VPS that can easily push 5-6TB without taking up much CPU. It doesn't take much to CPU to push out simple data. Its the PHP/MySQL websites that need the CPU to generate the content
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    Also, there is a difference between 100Mbit UNMETERED and having a 100Mbit port.

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