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    Rsync expert needed


    I need the services of someone who is an expert in setting up rsync to back up my server to a remote server across the web using SSH.

    I have several websites on my server all running MySQL databases so we need to know how to handle the database back up also.

    I will then need this to run every day, and I will need advice how to recover the back ups - can I do that with ftp or ssh?

    If the 1st one goes well, I have another 2 servers to back up using the same process.

    Please give a quote and demonstrate your understanding of the process.

    many thanks

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    Still looking?

    If you haven't found anyone, let me know.

    I actually would also recommend you consider using rdiff-backup. It is a really nice solution, and works remote too.

    Or if you still prefer, rsync w/ ssh is not a problem.

    MNX Solutions is currently offering free consulting services (advertising promo) for things just like this.

    Let me know if your interested in taking me up on this offer. (Or just open a ticket at our helpdesk ).

    Nick Wilkens
    [email protected]

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    I can help setup mysql backup w/ daily notification for you . Find me at msn/email: jblueocean[at] .

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    Straightforward task. I can assist with setting everything up and making sure you are notified upon success and failure. My rates are extremely reasonable for the quality of work. Please contact me at serverspecialists [at] gmail [dot] com

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