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    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I'm looking for a new host (windows, 2.0, sql server 2005)

    I've been looking at FullControl dot net, fullcontrol dot net/?page=truvirtual.aspx , and need some comparison.

    1) Does anybody have any experience or know anything this company?
    2) Do you know of any comparable hosting company out there? Of course, I need a reliable host with great uptime and speed.

    The things I like about FullControl is that it is fully managed: firewall, backup, good bandwith. I'll be leaning towards the 512 memory so they will be pocketing $69/mos from me (I'll be installing sql server 2005 if host doesn't offer it).

    They are including smartertools so I'm assuming it comes with pop3 (I hope). I need unlimited email accounts since I will be offering email service to our members. I believe it comes with only 50 or 250 email accounts.

    I was looking at RackForce and chatted with their sales. I was asking him basic Qs like what their customers use for backups, email, etc. All he could tell me was "I don't know" because the servers are unmanaged.

    Anyway, your thoughts?

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    ..and what's a good mail server for windows?

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    Well from experience, SmarterMail is an excellent mail server -- be sure to get the new version of the software. If you don't want to pay the licensing costs for SmarterMail you can always use the built-in SMTP server in IIS, but you'll have to find software to interface with it, and the configuration might be a bit difficult.

    Good luck with your venture!

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    thanks, MrRadic. That seems to be the favorite mail server. The 4.0 version looks great.

    No one else has responded to my question above Let me ask another way....

    For the price and features, is it good? What other windows vps hosting would your recommend?

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    I've had a FullControl TruVirtual server for about 6 months or so and I highly recommend them. They don't use Virtuozzo as their virtualization platform - instead they use Virtual Server 2005. This allows you to configure your own settings for things like virtual memory, etc. I switched from a Virtuozzo-based VPS and ran into hard memory limits, so i changed to FullControl.

    If you need to run SQL Server, it eats up a lot of memory, but is stable. If you have a lot of sites running and several databases, I would recommend you get the top of the line plan. I am running about 12 domains on mine and am quite happy. They also have a separate DNS server that you can completely configure through a web browser, so that saves on resources. The only other thing I wish it came with was shared SQL space, but otherwise it's great.

    BTW, the SmarterMail, SmarterStats, and SmarterTicket apps I love and are actually licensed to you, not FullControl. Also comes with a free RapidSSL cert and free PCI compliance scan.

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    I had a VPS with a few years ago that was slow and overpriced.

    Maybe they are better now... I don't know. They look to be offering a lot more for the money now.

    They were one of the reasons I moved away from Microsoft technology.
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    Thanks, Timo and Festu.

    I am leaning towards Fullcontrol. Never had a VPS or dedicated before so I'm not sure what I need, but fullcontrol seems to be reasonable with features and price. I've spent a lot of time researching.

    Timo, you mind if I check out your sites?

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    How do they do?

    Hi martialweb,

    I am also looking at hosting. Did you go for them finnally? If you did, could you share some experience with me? Such as server performance, network speed, stability.

    Thanks very much.


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    No, I didn't. I went with CrystalTech's shared hosting. I couldn't persuade my self to go to's virtual server. If you ever to step up, you'll be paying much much more for the server.

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