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    Should Rackshack support cobalt updates?

    A friend leased a RaQ4i from RackShack last week. I went ahead and installed all the current cobalt updates to make sure teh box was secure.

    It took fine.. i was happy..

    I leased a raq4i from rackshack today.. only upon installing the OS Update 2.0 the server produced an internal server error.

    Rackshack now wants me to pay for a server restore.. but i'm thinking the image on the raq wasn't good to begin with ...


    Rackshack's argument is that cobalt updates are beyond the scope of their abilities...

    If you don't install the updates, then your raq is open for any 14yr old w/ a computer to use a well known exploit to get into the box...

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    It's an interesting question.
    How much is your friend paying for the RAQ?
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    Well.. he paid the 99 setup, and 99/month..

    I checked there today and they have a $1 setup and 99/month special so i went for it.

    His box is fine..

    My thoughts are that I either had a bad image on my box or bad hardware..

    I just can't believe that rackshack's 'Support' is to suggest that i purchase a re-image without even going into the box to see what's up..

    Terrible service at this point. I'm sure they're large enough that they have an imaging server that goes out and can re-image a box with little more effort than typing in which ip to hit..

    Anyhoo.. fun times..

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    While I might have to agree that you got one with a bad image it's going to be hard to tell.... they should just toss another in the rack for you and re-image this one. Beyond that I might say this, 'you get what you pay for'. The hosting industry is rampant with cheap hosts that are running on pretty thin margins, if you don't think that this doesn't affect the quality of personnel, equipment and support in particular then think again.

    Hosting is a competitive business, look at Intel, they just dumped their hosting operation, AT&T has dumped big chunks of theirs, not counting all of the other local or regional hosting operations that have shut down.

    I know that there are many people out there that are happy with RackShack, yet it seems that I see alot of comments about subpar customer support....but hey, you got a $99 server.

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    Wow, what a coincidence!

    Got a Raq from them Friday. I went to the Sun site and started installing the patches, starting with the one that followed the OS 1.0 update (which appeared to be the latest patch on the Raq).

    Things went smooth until I applied the patch before the OS 2.0 update (Kernel Update 1.01). It installed OK, but after it went to reboot, the server never came up again. Techs told me that the network drivers had disappeared and I would have to do a system restore.

    I'm having the restore done right now. When it's done, I'm going right back to Sun's site, do the same patch updates, and if the machine freezes again, I'm telling them I want my money back.


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    How are you guys doing these packages? By URL from Sun's site?

    If so that is a NO NO. Why? They have problems with timing out!

    So basically if you did it this way, you may have crashed your own server.

    You should d/l the pkg file to the Raq (home/sites/home/web) and use a URL to your box, or install the pkg from the shell command line.

    By using this:
    /usr/local/sbin/cobalt_upgrade <path_to/package>

    Have the file on your server so it does not time out.
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    I have to say that, apart from the usual "you get what you pay for" comments already made, this is shocking support from your provider <sigh>.

    It's possible that by the time you get to install your packages on your server that it has already been hacked.

    Any Cobalt RaQ provider should have installed every single update on the box before ever connecting it to the internet. Then they hand it over to you. There are many well known root exploits for non-upgraded Cobalt RaQs which script-kiddies poll IP address ranges of known RaQ providers for, that to do otherwise is simply negligent.

    I'd suggest that you insist that they apply all the patches for you for the hassle you've received and money they've got from you before they connect it to the internet and hand it back to you.

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    I agree when they restore they should have all the patches installed as well.

    All this takes is getting a updated image file from Sun.

    You are right, I bet hacks do target known companies that are known for not loading all patches before the server goes live, which a server could be rooted in mere seconds if the network is scanned regularly. It's a shame.
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    They're not even restricted to the image file from Sun (which can be a little out of date), since the procedure to create an up to date (or customised) image for burning a server was posted to the Cobalt Users mailing list a while ago.

    There's really no excuse, except corner-cutting.

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    Just an update...

    After I finally paid for and received the restore I went and did it again

    I was downloading them and using the /usr/local/sbin/cobalt_upgrade btw..

    Anyhoo.. it trashed the server again.. this time on the kernel prerequesite that os update 2.0 needed.

    They still didn't believe anything was wrong with the server.. so i ordered a new one (somewhat smart/somewhat dumb/somewhat daring).

    The new one took the packages fine. I returned the other (hoping to get my $ back) .. they've already restored it and made it available for sale.

    Kind of like russian roulette eh?

    Thanks for the comments..


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    I would contact customer support and complain.
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