I am proud to announce that fxhstore, a company of FusionXHost, has decided to offer another sale on our Kayako products (Including the skins), but this time around we have a few extra deals for everyone. First off, we have partnered with SupportSkins.com to offer high quality skins and cheaper installation fees. To kick this off, we have included free installation, $10 coupon, and more. Just see the details below!

What do we get?
* All licenses are 5% off our retail price. That means that you could save up to 8% total! (See a list of discounted prices below)
* We are offering free installation of all of our Kayako Products.
* If you buy any of the Kayako Owned Products, you are eligible for a free skin of your choice in our store. (Includes free installation of the skin!)
* $10.00 coupon for use with any of our other products in our store! (Must be redeemed within a month of purchase date and cannot be applied to current sales.)

How do we get the special pricing and offers?
* All you need to do is visit our site and add the products you want to your cart! No need for a coupon code!
* For the free skin and free installation, please email [email protected] within 4 days in order to claim those services. Note: You do not need to request those services within those 4 days, but rather we would like to know that you plan on using the services in the near future.
* Your $10.00 off coupon will be sent to you via email after you complete your Kayako order.

Miscellaneous Notes:
* Monthly licenses are pro-rated till the end of the month. The remaining amount will be used for next month’s invoice.
* After the first month on the Monthly Leased license, the cost will revert back to our retail price of $39.00 per month.
* You will be provided with a Kayako account. If you already have one, then your product(s) will be added to your current account. This means that all your downloads, support, and license management will be done though their portal.
* You can get support though either Kayako or fxhstore.com. Note: You must have a valid support contract.

More Questions
If you have any questions, please email [email protected] or visit our helpdesk at http://www.fxhsupport.com/. (This will provide you with a faster response. We will post any significant questions here.)

Prices including the 5% discount:

Kayako SupportSuite:

Kayako eSupport:

Kayako LiveSupport:

Other Products: