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    looking for help for choose the best linux dist

    I am looking for xen based vps. Since there are lots of linux dists on the market. anyone may help me to chose the best dist? I am not expert on linux and looking for the one that could be rock, speedy and easily maintained on xen based VPS. thanks for any suggestion.

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    CentOS or Debian I would recommend. That is my opinion of course..

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    I'd say Ubuntu over Debian (if available) nowadays - Debian's stable releases usually take way too long to update, while Ubuntu is usually quite up to date and offers very similar functionality to Debian.

    My (personal) primary choice would be CentOS though.

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    I'm running Debian Sarge on my Xen VPS, rock solid.

    Testing Etch at home and I plan on upgrading to it as soon as it makes stable.

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    On servers, I always go with Debian stable. Yes, the packages are not as fresh as in Ubuntu, but you know they have always been thoroughly tested.

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    CentOS is very popular, going with the popular OS have advantage like better support. I used to use FreeBSD on my hosting servers as many say it is good, i too like it, easy to manage, but when it comes to cpanel servers, it start creating problems, now slowly moving to CentOS.

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    My primary choice would be CentOS.

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    We use CentOS on most of our servers and have no problems

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    I'm using FC5, no problems.

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    I love SuSE, and I recommend it for new users.

    It has a command line yast that create a dos-like GUI (in the old days) thats really inituitive.

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    I think the main things you have to ask yourself are: what is your intended purpose for this VPS? and also which package manager do you want to use?

    It's my understanding that control panels such as Cpanel usually work best with CentOS. I could be wrong, but that's just the impression I get from reading these forums.

    As for the package manager...CentOS, Fedora, and Suse all use RPM. Debian and Ubuntu use deb packages and apt-get. If you prefer one over the other, that could also help narrow down your choice.

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    I too always recommend CentOS when asked for a preference.
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