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    [For Hire] Please read 1 minute...

    Hi! Thank you for your time to read this topic! I hope it isnt against WHT rules a title like that... Anyway, i have a long story, but if you dont want to read it, please, at leaste read what i can do more down on this topic.

    I am from Mexico, and i will be entering university now. I have a lot of skills related to computers, videogames , english-spanish and administration. My story you may think i have invented it, but what would be the point of doing that?
    My mother has been separated from my father, and is now in the process of divorcing my stepfather (father of my only brother). My mother is one that live the life quietly and stuff, so she doesnt asks for money to my father or my stepfather. Lately, with january coming up, we have been with a lot of debts: The car revalidation and new repairs (including a new motor), the Taxes for Everything, and school debts. All i can do is seek job, but at this times, there isnt almost anything here, and for a lot of time i have been working as a freelancer in the internet, but that doesnt pay very well....

    Here is what my experience comes up.... Please read, this only some of the experience i have:

    Staff at a Free WebHosting (went down: Using multiple options as WHM Creation and Forum Moderator.

    I have been instaling mods for my forums and other's forums for IPB, vBulletin, SMF and phpBB.

    I have been creating sites and administrating them, PHP Scripts sites.

    I have traducted almost all of my sites, from english to spanish. I have also traducted spanish sites that want to focus into english people, and english sites that want to focus on hispanic people.... I also traducted the YABSoft Mega File Hosting System

    I created my own free host and sold it ( I had my support staff, but i also acted like support staff. A lot of users left a lot of good opinions on Free-WebHosts Rating Sites and nobody complained aout the support. In other words, it was great.

    I have been working with cPanel, WHM, PHP Scripts and more of the internet business.

    If you are here, then you made it, i love you for reading all that, or just for skiping the story

    Well, i can only see my mom.... Sad, about thinking always about the debts, and money problems, and i have no way to help her...

    So, if somebody has a job avaible, please consider me, i know i wont dissapoint you! Willing to take tests, interviews and the like.
    Im from Mexico, so i dont need a high salary

    Please, and just for being here reading this, you are doing me a favor... Thank you!

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    Sorry to know what you're going through right now. I'd love to help. Do you have MSN/AIM so we can talk in private?
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    All I can say is good luck and I hope that you'll find some decent job soon!
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    @ sTag-Dan:

    Yes, its uniondance [at] gmail [dot] com (MSN Messenger)

    @ Vlada:


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