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Thread: .ISO maker?

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    .ISO maker?

    I'm looking for a way to either copy an already bootable CD and make it bootable as well OR somehow set up my computer with a base install plus my virus protection, etc... Then somehow burn a CD so that it can just automatically copy everything back into place... Anyone know of any programs that can do this?

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    I don't fully understand what you are asking... but maybe some of these links will help:

    I use for all my burning needs, but it does cost... although, if you hit ebay you can find a LEGAL reseller that will give you a good deal... I used LEGAL since there are many ebay sellers simply selling a hacked version. No telling what other extra "features" come with a hacked version. A legal seller will also have the box, and a high ebay rating.
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    Bootable CD's have a special boot sector encoded in binary format (.bin)
    The bootable CD writer will burn the individual bytes that are encoded into this file.
    This encoding into machine lanuage allows for booting from CD.

    If you want to patch your windows install, use nLite (freeware)
    You can record your CD key so it will autoinstall (without supervision)
    You can also autoinstall software (AntiVirus, etc.).
    Hope the info helped you.

    If you want to create a custom bootable burned CD, use UltraISO. The program can auto-create boot sector data for you. This is good for custom OS, etc

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    Thanks guys! I used nlite a few times but i kept forgetting stuff that I needed to run Windows! Like universal drivers, etc... It's guess and check right now, and untill I buy some more CD-R's I'll have to wait to try again. I'll check out that UltraISO later! Thanks guys!

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    Use nLite to save it a .iso file. Create a new Virtual PC using Microsofts (Now Free) Virtual PC 2004/2007 and install your nLite created OS. As long as you dont give your OS internet access, it wont register itself. Sadly, your test OS will expire after 30 days. After installing the final version on your PC, activate it online and the 30 day limitation will be removed.

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    PowerISo for me or Alcohol 120

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