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    [WANTED] PHP/MySQL Programmer

    I'm currently looking for someone experienced in PHP, MySQL and as a bonus AJAX, to work on a project of mine.
    The project is essentially a monitoring script that can accept user registrations from my clients. More information on the project on request.

    I am looking for someone:
    - Reliable
    - Who knows what they are doing
    - Who is a clean coder
    - Whos is able to follow through
    - Is helpful
    - Is patient
    - Can communicate in english
    - Has past work to show me

    I am NOT looking for someone who fits the following:
    - Someone who makes up lame excuses
    - Someone who does not reply to e-mails, IM's and PM's
    - Someone who cannot communicate in english
    - Someone who vaguely knows PHP
    - Someone who makes false promises
    - Someone who will cost me the same price as a small car/house.

    If this project is a success, more work will come your way.

    You can get in touch via PM or e-mail through the site or simply post a reply to this thread.

    Please include, your MSN address (if you have one), your hourly rates (if you have one) and where in the world you are based.

    Again I must stress that this is a serious request, I am sick and tired of having to chase incompetent, unreliable people who do nothing but waste my time.

    Looking forward to hear from you!


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    I would like to know more information regarding your project. Please PM me if applicable regarding more information on your project. Mambug Studios does have some knowledgeable PHP / MySQL Programmers available.

    Oh yes, all of us here at Mambug Studios do speak english clearly.
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    I know a team, who have done monitoring script - very good solution. If interested, let me know
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    I'm interesting in this task. Is it possible to see Project Spec ?


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    please throw some more light on project specification

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