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    As a client, what do you look for in Managed Hosting

    I am new to the hosting business and want to make sure I understand what to offer my clients so they get the best value for their investment. I hear a lot about people looking for cheap hosting, but my experience (no matter what the industry) has been you get what you pay for. I want to offer value. So what do you value?

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    1. The truth. If their is a problem. I want to know. Not kept in the dark.
    2. Real support. When you see the ticket, Fix the problem. Not "Its on the to do list"
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    From experience,

    Support, Support, and more Support.

    If you can't offer the support and know what you're doing, it's not worth even bothering.
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    The first I scratch from the list is cheap, don't be cheap. Normally the people that pay the least are the ones that will give you the headaches.

    Charge fairly that will give you the money to invest in good customer support, if you keep the support up then people won't mind to pay those extra dollars.

    Also more money helps you keep the servers in good standing, upgrades etc.

    good luck.
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    You would be surprised how much a company will pay for professional support. The same goes for uptime (real uptime in the 99th percentile). Combine the two and you can charge whatever you want because your clients will be getting the best value for their money.

    [edit]Note: I am referring to "managed" which is where you posted. [/end edit]
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    Good support along with reliability will make the business go on. Outsourcing your technical support to make sure your clients get best on it is a good thing for you to consider, meanwhile, you can focus on your sales.
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    Support and quality hardware.

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    You definetly want reliable and fast support, alot of companies are understaffed with proper technicians, it really can be ridiculous in some cases! But be sure to ask about this stuff, avg. response times, uptime guarantees, the type of hardware they use, what type of backups they perform and how often. These questions only touch base briefly with what should be asked.

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