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    Question Need Lots of help with Link exchanges!

    I have found out that one of the key ways to improve your sites ranking on any search engine is to have links to other sites and others sites having links to your site. i would really love to get started on this but i honestly have no idea how this works.

    say for instance i exchange a link with someone. where would i put their link. would i put it on one of my website pages. where would i add their link!?

    Well lets start from the begining. who would i even go about exchanging links?

    Im so new to this system its funny

    Any and all help would be nice.



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    Anyone At ALL?

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    Yes, you'd put the link on your home page, preferably in the footer. This is because the person is looking for link value (thus eventually increasing his PR and SE rankings) and not traffic from the link.

    You'll find a lot of webmaster forums that have sections dedicated to link exchanging. I'll PM you a link now.
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    wow awsome thanks for the link.

    so when i make a link exchange and do it manually i would just put their link at the bottom of my page at the footer.

    and in turn they would put my link somewhere on their site.

    Im really trying to improve my site page rank in google. so i suspect that the more well known the site im linking to is, the better.



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    Hi guys i would like to get some info too. transpops do you mind to send me the link pls. thank you
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    The set of links can be a lot of help for me too.

    Will be great if you can send me a copy

    Thanks friend ..
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    that was a great help. the real trouble though is just starting out. everyone wants to exchange links with pr4 sites but when you have a site that isn't even ranked yet. weel your almost out of luck.

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    Hi guys btw any one would like to exchange banner and link site? i dont know where to post this hope i am in the correct section.

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    it should be posted in related offers and requests - advertising oppertunities and requests. its in the advertising forum. What kind of site? pm me the link and mybe we can do a link exchange.


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