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    [$1 PR4 Lifetime text Links!] PageHole - How Deep Can We Go?

    Many of you will have heard a lot about one of my many on-going projects, PageHole. The idea behind the site was to make the longest page possible consisting soley of text links - and that still remains my goal today.

    Today, PageHole receives around 500 unique visitors per day and has a PR4 ranking - (consider how much a normal lifetime PR4 link would cost you) - at PageHole, prices start from just $1 for a lifetime text link.

    When purchasing your text link you can make it stand out by using a variety, or combination of the following attributes: a colored link, an italic link, a bold link or an underlined link.

    Featured links are also available for those who wish to really stand out from the crowd. Please note that if you do decide to buy a featured link you have the option to use a subscription to guarantee your place next month - featured links receive a lot of hits and are paid for monthly.

    I'd like to thank everyone in advance who decides to buy a link, who knows...maybe you'll be a part of history one day!

    Useful Links:

    If anyone has any questions at all just drop me a PM, and yes...the newest links are displayed at the top of the page.

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    We've now reached a huge milestone of 786 links! Our pagehole can be a lot deeper though

    Useful Links:
    HostedFX Web Hosting
    Serving the Web Since 2005.

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