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    * for sale

    I am selling the site I developed it quite a few years ago and never really put in the time and effort to make it grow.

    The site generates a little over $300 a year in Google AdWords revenue. I'll consider any offer for at least this amount. Includes domain name and all existing content/dbs, etc.

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    the fourm is down.
    Steven Bishop

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    Yeah I know I took it down due to lots of spam, thanks.

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    I am interested. I have a few questions

    How much bandwith is used per month?
    How many users do you have?
    What software is running the site?
    Where is the site hosted? Will it need to be moved?

    That is all I can think of right now. I'm sure I'll come up with some more
    Steven Bishop

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    i would also be interested in the above questions along with:

    what is your revenue?

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    please send me the same info

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    What script is your site using? Is the ownership of the script included? Did you write the script?
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    Sorry it took awhile to respond....

    The site hardly uses much bandwidth at all, under a gig/month. There are 718 users as of now, I'm not sure how many are actually still active in their usage as I don't maintain the site anymore. The last users signed up yesterday, and there were three.

    The script is written in PHP, and it was written by me a number of years ago. You get everything, site, graphics, etc.

    As for revenue, it generates about $300/year via Google AdWords. You can email me directly at jheathco(@at@)

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