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    Kayako and Mac OS/Linux

    I am just curious here but is anyone else bothered by the fact that Kayako only has a live chat application for Windows (winapp)? This really hurts my productivity as I mainly use Mac OS X but I always need to keep my Windows laptop handy to work with SupportSuite.

    Many others like myself have given hundreds and thousands of dollars to Kayako for their support applications. Is it asking too much to create a web application that is supported by every operating system? Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking for a "macapp" but just something that allows me to use the software on the OS of my choice.

    Also, is there anyone that found a way to run Kayako on the Intel version of Mac OS without the use of Parallels? (Crossover doesn't work)

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    I understand that a web based chat interface is being developed however the actual installable local application will be available only for Windows for the foreseeable future; unless demand increases (according to their forum posts).

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