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    Question Questions for Users of Site Studio

    Hello all-

    We have been looking for an online site builder for a while now. Pretty much, the only one out there, that does not cost thousands, is Site Studio from We have communicated with several times, but would like a user's point of view.
    If you are a user of this, or related software, please respond.

    - Site Studio is java-based. How has it affected the load on your server? (This is the most important question.)

    - Do your clients actually use it? Is it worth getting it?

    - Any interaction problems with Cpanel? I don't see how there could be.

    - Is there any other online site-builder software out there which is comparable? Price, of course, is a major issue. I will not use software which costs $3000/server.

    I appreciate all input.

    Thank you,
    Going out of business in our 10th year.

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    One of my resellers was looking at this yesterday. He needs something similar also. Only problem is he is a free web host and makes pretty much no profit off anything he does. Hopefully someone has a solutions for us. I'd like to help my reseller.

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