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    Starting a hosting company - Need some advise

    Hey there,

    I am planning on starting my own hosting company. And I need some advise... I think I have narrowed the hosting options down to The Planet, SoftLayer and LayeredTech. Can anyone advise between these 3 choices? Also, one thing that I am having alot of trouble getting a consensus on among the hosts is what I really "need"... There are so many options and extras availible with the servers that I don't really know what is needed and what is fluff for a public host. Or what would be a good startup server. Can anyone shed some light on this?

    I know cPanel and WHM very well, so I would want to order that from the host. If I got a server with WHM, would I need to use anything else to manage the server? Like SSH... Because I don't know that very well at all. I think I could learn it though.

    Also, I was thinking of outsourcing the support. Since I can't be at my computer 24/7. I was looking at, and they have a startup package for up to 100 domains at $100 a month. The thing that sucks about it though is the fact that they won't support sales questions. They will only support current clients. Do you think it is really necessary to have 24/7 support? I don't minf helping clients, actually I like doing that, I just don't want them all getting pissed off because there tickets aren't being answered. Not that I wouldn't answer them during the day, but I do need some sleep. =)

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    I think you're best starting off with a reseller plan until you're pulling in enough to move to a dedicated server. Reason being you mentioned you don't have any experience managing a server.

    As for support, 24/7 is usually a big bonus to many clients. Outsourcing is good so hiring 2-3 sales/techs to spread the work load and work 24/7 around the clock would be a great idea.
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    If a dedicated server is budgetary, I wouldn't try to disseude you from it. With cPanel I'd recommend a P4 3ghz with 1GB of RAM as a good starting point. You could do it on a Celeron but you'd most likely be moving up to a bigger machine once you get a hundred or so domains, possibly sooner if you have a bunch of active ones (i.e. forums).

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    It’s all depending on your plan of business you will run and also the budget that you allocate for this. Having your own dedicated server (obviously) is a great start, but you should consider your availability to manage it. You do need SSH (if you use linux as the server OS) to remote your server and do many things (i.e. installing, upgrading, configuring, etc). Outsourcing it is a great idea considering you cannot available 24/7 around the clock to manage your server and answering the client’s tickets, which may arrive at unpredicted time. I believe there are many outsourcing companies that willing to give support on sales as long as you grant them the right and give all of the information that needed, but since it’s your business, you’re still the man in charge in making decision on sales.
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